Review: Haven Espresso

I hope I don’t make too many enemies with my cafe reviews.  I realize that my wife and I can be snobs when it comes to our caffeine intake.  I guess my philosophy is that if you can’t make a great cup of coffee or craft a good latte, then you shouldn’t bother making them at all.  This is how I think when making my own coffee at home, except for those rare occasions when all that matters is staying awake.

They do come every once in a while.

We walked briskly toward Haven cafe, cold, and just wanting to warm up in a cozy space with a frothy latte.  We didn’t know what we were in for.  Haven is not really a cafe.  It’s more of a coffee “nook.” My guess is the whole store is about six square metres (Canada= the metrical system!) Small cafes aren’t necessarily bad, even if they are nooks.  You can put out some great product with very little space.

Our experience began on a sour note (the place literally smelled a little sour) because the small, small coffee nook had already been claimed by a posse of middle aged men who smelled of stale cigarettes, oil, and musk.  They were huddled around the coffee bar glaring hungrily at the Aussie barista.

The barista seemed nice; she seemed to ‘get’ that these guys loitering in the shop were kind of cramping her style.  We ordered lattes and waited patiently, shoulder to shoulder with the other patrons.

My wife was able to snap a few sneaky photos with my phone. Our DSLR would have worked better, but it was too big to fit inside the store…  The lattes were excellent, but we got out of that place pretty quickly.

I would certainly go back to Haven for a good latte, rightly poured, but probably only in the warmer weather.  It’s a great grab and go spot, but not anywhere with any room to set up shop for any time.



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