Review: Bloor Barista

I guess I don’t need to keep putting “review” in the titles of these blogs since they’re all reviews.  I thought I would write posts that aren’t reviews, and maybe I still will.  I am a bit of hobby barista/roaster/brewer and hope to post some more personal stuff.  We’ll see. But for now one more photo-less blog.  I promise though, that this will really be the last one without a picture.

Bloor Barista is great because it’s very close to Landsdowne subway station. I think this is the only reason why Bloor Barista is great.

The cafe has a decent amount of seating – don’t get me wrong.  The vibes though, were very not-cool.  The menu was overwhelming, sprawling over a few different walls.  There were pictures of different kinds of herbal teas and how they benefited you (ex. lowered cholesterol, heightened libido – yikes).  Think Chinatown buffet menu, mixed with with Lebanese tea shop, and throw in an espresso machine manned by a skittish high school boy who uses his time at work to study for tenth grade physics.

The barista actually did better job than I expected.  I suspect he was the owner’s son or something. He was friendly, and poured a decent tasting (eg. much better than Starbucks) latte in no time at all.  We just grabbed a drink to go and were out in a jiffy.

The cafe seems like it would be great for health conscious elderly woman.  There is certainly nothing wrong with that, just not our scene.  And before you make any final judgements, I have soft spot for the kid working there.  He seemed nice, and everyone needs to make a living.  I know it can be hard to be a student when you have to work a lot.

Final word: Check out Bloor Barista  if you want a latte to go and your in the Landsdowne area.  It’s taste better than what you would get at Toronto Coffee Company a few doors down.


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