Review: Cabin Fever Collective

Cabin Fever Collective is another one of the cafes in Toronto that is catering to a niche market.  In fact, Cabin Fever is a sort of hybrid – half cafe and half record shop. It’s probably more accurate to say it’s one-third cafe and two-thirds record shop.  We were able to drop in during one of the icy blizzards we have been having around Toronto this winter.

The warm sound of music filled every nook and cranny of the place.  The layout is great.  There is table seating for those who want to stay awhile, some space for browsing locally made products (and records, of course) and a semi-private den in the back.

While talking to the barista (who is also the owner), he mentioned that an espresso machine is coming soon.  No espresso yet though.  In the mean time, Cabin Fever is dishing out a plethora of loose leaf teas (which they can turn into tea lattes). Because the cafe is still coming into it’s own, the the selection of drinks is limited.  Coffee is all brewed using a pour over system, allowing for a pretty decent Cafe au Lait.

I should mention that Cabin Fever also show cases local art on many of the walls, as well as locally made bow ties, soaps, and other goodies.  They have sandwiches available for lunch, too.

So what’s my take?  Cabin Fever Collective is cool place to hangout and buy music.  It’s also a fun place to stop a grab a drink.  It still has a ways to go to make it into the big leagues.  An espresso machine is a must (which, I am told, is coming as soon as City of Toronto puts in proper water pipes).  It’s a friendly place packed with local art, and it has a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, our visits to Cabin Fever Collective (and to Bloor Barista, which is up next) was a bit impromptu.  We were camera-less, and so I apologize for the lack of images.


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