Review: Soma Chocolatemaker

Okay, okay, so Soma isn’t really a cafe.  It’s more of a chocolate shop.  I think there are a couple of locations, one on King in the Fashion District and the other in the Distillery District. I was able to visit the Distillery location not too long ago, snap some shots, and have a drink.  Since going was kind of a last minute decision, the photos will once again be quite awful because they were taken with my quite awful phone.

I know that I’ve said before that I like to keep things simple when it comes to espresso drinks: coffee, or coffee and milk.  Still, going into a chocolate shop expecting them to be experts with espresso is a bit unfair.  While I believe Soma does serve the traditional latte, my friend and I were able to sample a bicerin and a hot chocolate.  Soma starts all of their hot drinks with the chocolate equivalent of an espresso shot.  It’s rich, intense, concentrated cocoa.  I don’t think there are any additives either.

The bicerin is served in a wine glass.  It is composed of a layer of whipped cream on top of a layer of espresso both sitting on a bottom of chocolatey goodness.  Apparently the bicerin is a traditional drink somewhere in Italy (what coffee-based-beverages were not at one time?) and it was delicious.  The sweetness of the chocolate and depth of the shot stood up well to the decent espresso and these both blended together well with the cream.  It was a drink that someone really into espresso could appreciate, but it also could be enjoyed by someone who isn’t as bean savvy.

Soma offers a hot chocolate that is simply a shot of chocolate mixed with steamed milk.  Best hot chocolate that I’ve ever had, hands down.  You can order a pure hot chocolate or the Mexican hot chocolate which is infused with cinnamon and chili, among other spices.  In a rush?  Just take the chocolate shot back like you would a shot of espresso.  No nonsense here.

Besides the drinks, Soma (which if my memory of NT Greek is right – means “body”) offers  a wide range of chocolate treats made in-house.  A few that sounded particularly delicious were the brown butter truffle, the cane sugar-cocoa bars, and the douglas fir truffles.  Good stuff.

Merry Coffeemas!



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