Review: Fahrenheit Coffee

Today I deviated from the cafes listed on my passport.  I also went to guzzle java with my friend instead of my wife.  While she was having a “ladies night”, I was out exploring cafes on my day off.  We made the trek to the South-East pocket of the city, which is pretty rare for me, as a ‘Westsider.’ Along with stopping by the Distillery District Christmas Market, and enjoying a free (but frigid) wine tasting, we were able to warm up with one of the best lattes in Toronto.

That’s right – one of the best.

“Not the very best?” You ask.

Maybe.  But since I am not omniscient I will just say one of the best.  Definitely the best I have tasted.

I first visited Fahrenheit over a year ago, and since I rarely frequent it’s vicinity, I haven’t had an excuse to go back.  Well let me tell you – this place does espresso right.  I have tried  a latte and a cortado – both delicious.  Though I haven’t visited in over a year, this was and remains to be Toronto’s golden standard by which all other cafe fare should be judged.  The baristas are intelligent, friendly and they know their coffee. From the grind, to pulling their shots to properly pouring – everything is exquisite.  The milk is textured perfectly, the shots are vibrant, full of depth and flavour. My friend thought they tasted like chocolate, I thought they tasted like rich caramel.  We both thought they tasted like pretty darn good coffee.If I remember correctly – they are using the same Detour roasted beans as a few of the other cafes around.  Still the espresso drinks at this joint are head and shoulders above the rest.

Oh yeah – you can find the place around the intersection of Jarvis and Richmond.  It’s kind of a strange area surrounded by homeless shelters, what look to be expensive apartments and George Brown hipsters.  The interior is simple, stripped down unfinished wood bars.  There is only seating for about eight to ten people, and no washroom on site.  This might be the only downside because caffeine always equals pee (at least for this guy!).

Aside from the espresso drinks, I see that Fahrenheit has started offering drip coffee served until 3:00pm everyday.  I haven’t had the privilege to taste this, but why bother when the lattes make you swoon with joy.  Fahrenheit also has a decent (not expansive) selection of pastries.

All in all – if you live and Toronto – you need to drink coffee a Fahrenheit.  It’s not an ideal location, in my opinion, but it’s worth the walk – even in -10 degrees.
(Note on the photos: My beautiful and talented wife was not present, so I opted for taking a few shots on my (awful) camera phone.  Because I only took a couple shots I added a picture of  an apple swan I made the other day at home to de-stress after some paper writing.  Enjoy.)


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