Review: The Grind House

Consider yourself a hippy?  Still shower regularly?  Enjoy good lattes? Then The Grind House is a great cafe for you.  Located in the bustling Kensington Market, it’s a nice place to stop for a snack and a bit of pick-me -up when you are strolling the crammed streets filled with fumes of incense and marijuana.  It’s not much of a walk from the big brand shops on Queen West either – so if you’re shopping has worn you out, check it out!

We visited The Grind House in the evening.  The atmosphere was relaxed, a few people doing homework, the barista dreamily leaning on the counter.  Good vibes.  I expect if you drop in between nine and five the place will be crawling, but that’s fun too, sometimes.

While I don’t think The Grind House has one of the best lattes in Toronto, it is definitely in my top ten. Maybe number ten – but it makes the list nonetheless.  The barista made the lattes slowly, a good slowly.  She knew what she was doing, but she wasn’t rushing.  The result was above average.  The milk was textured perfectly, and poured with a bit of flare.  Not quite a full rosetta, but not half bad.  The shots were pulled correctly so that they were sweet, slightly smoky, and flavourful.  The espresso wasn’t too weak, and it wasn’t too strong.  A decent latte.

The cafe was clean, which I don’t always expect from joints in Kensington.  There was some good local art on the wall, some sandwiches in the pastry case for lunch, a good selection of what appeared to be loose leaf tea.  I also noticed quite wide selection of coffee gear from Aeropresses to Melitta drippers.  They were all kind of stuck in a corner, though, so I don’t know if they were for sale.  The red-orange walls were painted not too long ago, and the colour was a little loud.  I like cafes to be painted in calming colours – not colours that are enraging.

All in all, I recommend The Grind House for the standard cafe far. If you are looking for something a little different, though, our next review will be worth checking out.

All the best in surviving the semester! Or if you are not in school – Enjoy the holidays!grindlattetop grindart1 grindpourover grindart grindcans grindlights grindcup1 grindbagsDSC_0483


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